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Book here direct and Save Big. No Middle man, no on top booking fees.  We can help. Call now 214-425-1222. Remember, there is complimentary Standard Repair Coverage which covers 60¢ per pound. There is also Full Value coverage available for purchase from MovingInsurance.com. Rates start at $12 per $1000 in coverage.



We cover up to 100 miles of DFW area. Your self moving experts. Self move means your Rental Truck, Pod, or in-house move. Hire insured DFW moving labor help,  we do ABF semi's as well.  Just call.


3 Way's to Protect small high value items on and around moving day.

Moving day, for the most part, can be an exciting time but as you move your personal belongings, you should be careful. Opportunists are aware that this is vulnerable time for you, your family and your belongings. Pay attention to three opportunities for moving day theft, and the ways to avoid having your precious items walk away on you.


With so many people entering and exiting your new home (friends, family, movers, painters, landlords, old tenants, cable & hydro workers etc.) your new home’s open door is the perfect place for a thief to boldly enter, unannounced, and quickly exit with some items.


Designate a "Secure Space" for your important items. Ideally, this would be a room (or a closet) that doesn’t have windows. If there’s a lock on it, even better! Have your movers or your friends place the important items in this room before (or right after) the main moving happens. This way, if a random person was to waltz in to an open door during the move, the items that they’d nab would not be items of high significance.


Some thieves are out for your personal items, even your toiletries. Medicine, specifically prescription drugs, is one of the most commonly stolen items during a move. Prescription pain pills can be sold on the street and therefore an enticing opportunity for thieves. Designer perfumes are also a big target.


Instead of packing important toiletries in a tote or a box, use a small piece of luggage. This way, you will be able to easily identify where it is in order to keep it in a safe place at all times (ideally, in your Secure Space) but most importantly, a small suitcase won’t be an attraction for thieves looking for medication.


Identity theft can be a real issue during transition. As you relocate, you’ll likely have more papers with your personal information on them than you normally do. Being between addresses or in a period of flux might have you a little off guard and less secure with your paperwork as you usual are. When stolen and compiled, your personal information can be sold on the street for a pretty penny.


Guard all personal information and financial records: this includes bank statements, stock and bond investments, social security numbers, birth certificates and insurance papers.

Keep all important documents in a special folder either on you or in your Secure Space. If you’re ever worried about identity theft, check in with http://www.equifax.com/ to verify all credit charges on your file are legitimate.

There is so much to think about on moving day but keep these fixes at the front of your mind and you’ll feel more at ease about the security of your belongings. Also keep your wits about you; refrain from leaving items unattended on your lawn or keeping any doors propped open during breaks.



2-Man crew

2hr 2019 New Year Special
only $179.99  No extra for next/same day.

($60hr thereafter)
Call in orders, text, or email.         RentalTruckHelp@gmail.com

No gas/travel fee.  Paid on job when completed. No booking fee's. We bring our own dolly, tools, 4 wheeler, and special straps to carry.  We offer furniture pads on the job for $2.99 a piece at customers request. Pianos and safes are extra and must call in to discuss rates prior to move.

​(Check/Cash/Card no deposit fee/booking fee)

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